Survival For Beginners



This essential survival guide for intrepid young explorers shows the skills and techniques you need for outdoor adventure, from maps and navigation to camping.Learn the basics – from picking the best campground to knowing how to build a shelter – with clear step-by-step illustrations. Find out why not to camp under a tree, how to make a bed of leaves, and learn useful knots to secure your camp. Once youre safely in your shelter, discover how to net a fish, purify water, light a fire with flint and steel, and cook your catch.Find out what to take on your expedition, how to plan your route, and what to include in your survival kit. Then have fun learning camp craft and bushcraft skills. To help you find your way, this book shows you how to use a map and compass, or the Sun and stars as a guide. Discover the best way to hike over terrains, including forests, swamps, sand, snow, and ice. Learn, too, how to predict the weather by observing clouds and wind direction. So start packing your rucksack for an outdoor adventure and dont forget your copy of Survival for Beginners.ISBN: 9780241339893Kod paskowy: 9780241339893Autorzy: Towell ColinRok wydania: 2019Kod wydawcy: 30876Liczba stron: 128Oprawa: ZintegrowanaPKWiU: 58.11.1Format: 21.0×28.0cmGłębokość (mm): 12Waga: 0.59Języki: angielskiGrupa towarowa: Książka

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