Core Maths for the Biosciences



Biological systems are often best explored and explained using the power of maths from the rate at which enzymes catalyse essential life processes, to the way populations ebb and flow as predators and prey interact. Mathematical tools lie at the heart of understanding biological systems and mathematical skills are essential for success as bioscientist. Core Maths for the Biosciences introduces the range of mathematical concepts that bioscience students may encounter and need to master during the course of their studies. Starting from fundamental concepts of arithmetic and algebra, the book blends clear explanations and biological examples throughout as it takes the reader towards some of the most sophisticated yet elegant mathematical tools in use by biologists today: differential equations, dynamical systems and chaos theory. Three case studies appear in instalments throughout the text, illustrating the theory: Models of Population Growth, Models of Cancer, and Predator-Prey Relationships. Reflecting the use of maths in modern biology, the book shows how computational approaches are applied to probe biological questions, and makes extensive use of computer support to help readers develop intuitive mathematical skills both through graph-plotting software, and interactive Excel(R) workbooks for each chapter. Core Maths for the Biosciences is the ideal course companion as you master the mathematical skills you need to complete your undergraduate studies and will remain valuable resource at professional and research level. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre to accompany Core Maths for the Biosciences features For registered adopters of the book: Figures from the book in electronic format Solutions to all end of chapter exercises For students: Solutions to half of the end of chapter exercises For PC users, access to FNGraph, the graph-plotting software featured in the book, and associated graph files An extensive range of interactive Excel workbooks, to help you master the concepts presented in the book through hands-on learning Links to useful learning resources on other web sitesSpis treści:PART 1: ARITHMETIC, ALGEBRA & FUNCTIONS 1. Arithmetic and Algebra 2. Units, Precision and Accuracy 3. Data tables, graphs, interpolation 4. Molarity and dilutions 5. Variables, functions and equations 6. Linear functions and curve sketching 7. Quadratic and Polynomial Functions 8. Fitting curves; rational and inverse functions 9. Periodic functions 10. Exponential and logarithmic functions PART 2: CALCULUS AND DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 11. Instantaneous rate of change: the derivative 12. Rules of differentiation 13. Applications of differentiation 14. Techniques of integration 15. The definite integral 16. Differential equations ; 17. Differential equations II 18. Extension: dynamical systems

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