Academic Writing SB 2ed.



Academic Writing: Exploring Processes and Strategies, Second Edition — a clear and carefully sequenced presentation of all stages of the writing process — is based on the premise that novice writers develop confidence by having many opportunities to express their own ideas, to receive feedback in a nonthreatening environment, and to experience success. Emphasizing the academic applications of the writing principles introduced, the text features processes and strategies for producing texts and for preparing and polishing them to meet academic writing standards. Academic Writing guides students through the process of exploration and generation of ideas on paper, of seeking out appropriate feedback, and of rewording and revising the presentation of ideas. Through its clear presentation and sequenced assignments, the Second Edition of Academic Writing helps students develop competence in all of these areas. Suggested readings to accompany the writing assignments are collected in an Appendix at the end of the book.* Provides writing and exam-taking strategies * Prepares students for the tasks of academic writing * Provides an ongoing project of sequenced student-centered writing assignments that focus on the major aspects of the writing process.

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